About your treatment

At your initial consultation Giles will ask about your main complaint and health history, and put together your individual diagnosis and treatment plan.

Giles is emphatic about hearing clearly what you want to say, and gaining a thorough understanding of your health.

Your treatment will be entirely suited to your needs: your symptoms, age, constitution, emotional well-being and life-circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Pulse and tongue diagnosis will also be used to confirm your main treatment principles.

Your subsequent treatments will be based on this initial diagnosis.

What to expect

Your course of acupuncture might typically begin with treatment once a week for four to six weeks, followed by treatment at fortnightly intervals, then perhaps on a monthly basis if needed.

Less serious conditions may respond very quickly to acupuncture. Long-standing chronic conditions may take longer to improve.

Beyond coming to acupuncture for specific symptoms or conditions, you may choose to have treatment to maintain good health, either as a preventative measure or to improve your general well-being.

Every treatment plan is individual … as are you!

Your first appointment will be 1.5 hours and £65. Your subsequent treatments will be 45-60 minutes and £55.

To book your first appointment for acupuncture in East Dulwich with Giles, just get in touch.

Image: ‘Peckham Rye Maple’ (Giles Davies)